Much Success On Website Production

Well I finally conquered a major issue I was having with my site. I needed an automated process for taking my articles on my website to RSS as soon as they are posted. I used PHP and databases to form a pre-structure used for the XML file. using PHP to take information from a dedicated area (i.e. the container for the article) and form into a temp RSS structure and add it as a new entry in the RSS. The reason I have spent so much time building and researching this is because I am not using a pre-made site structure (like WordPress for example). Many people say this is not a good idea seeming as how I only use the site to post articles on updates on news and tutorials. But I’m doing it my way so that I learn more of Web Design and Development on the way. I will eventually switch over to WordPress (like this blog) when I extensively learn WordPress. Until then this is all being done from scratch as I mentioned above for learning.

Thanks everyone for reading this is Reevine signing off with a piece of Trash in my growing Trash Can.



Unfortunately things end sooner than you hope or perhaps even without you expecting it. So my status yet again changes. It was awesome for the short time it existed. But it was mutual and may end up continuing when I come back.

Ogio Metro Backpack

Hey everyone I just got my Ogio Metro Backpack two days ago. I needed a bag badly for School since my other backpack finally tore and its life was forfeit. So I researched backpacks for one that would be of the best possible quality. I knew I would have to pay some more for a better bag but this didn’t really matter since the knowledge of a higher price was already considered in my budget. Ogio after three weeks of searching and some intense research (including even using my friend’s Ogio Metro bag for a day) came on top as the best bag for the best price. I made a review and put it up on YouTube. The videos are posted below. Please comment on the videos or this post and give some feedback on the review. I want to know what you guys think about it. This info will help me improve my videos and how in-depth my reviews on products are. Enjoy!

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HP Takes The First Step

Well HP is now producing their newest line of HP printers which feature a huge improvement: Plug n’ Play. That means no CDs with drivers, no more trying to find drivers online, and complete integration into computer systems.  HP being the first to introduce Plug n’ Play printers I must ask this question: why not before!??!?! Every other device has been Plug n’ Play for years! Why were printers never converted over sooner? Well at least someone took the “taboo” step towards to painless office and home set up. This will make WiFi printer more versatile also. I don’t like HP but at least they are trying. Though I think that this was all caused by some poor low-level IT who made a simple suggestion. How much you want to bet someone was like “No, no, no. That’s a stupid idea.” Then that same guy makes it “his” idea. Well thank goodness for another leap in simplifying technology and making it useful.

Techno Dance Party

Last night I went to go hang out with my cool friend Matthew. He currently goes to a charter school and told me about them having a Techno Dance Party at 8 that night. So we went and at first no one was really there. Then more and more people started trickling in. About 8:30 we had a good decent group of people. I want to give thanks to the guy with the iPod and a huge collection of Techno. We never played a song twice the whole entire time (except the best song which was played again as everyone was leaving).

Now I will admit this was really good! And I even went to my first rave after my military training. The Rave was intense, but even thought this was smaller scale it some how match up with the Rave I went to a few weekends ago. Though these high school kids really know how to techno dance.

Furry Techo

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EDIT On WebOS Post

Hey everyone just wanted to let you know that I updated the article I wrote on the security issues that were brought up for the Palm devices. The video and article of the team who discovered the issues are now in the post.

Read This If You Have Humor

Hello peeps! For those who have a good sense of humor I want to redirect you to a freakn’ hilarious blog that is managed by a very funny women. Her art coupled with the flow of sentence structure and injected humor brings things to a respective light that shines on her acquired level of intuitiveness and absolute disregard for substandard entertainment.

High regards for the master of making people laugh constantly and making them sound like schools girls… on crack…(don’t ask). I present to you!….. Allie Brosh! :