Bezel-less Monitor/TV

UPDATE: Just put a new post up on Bezel-less TVs. Check out my home page to see the new post.


For some time now Gamers and Graphic artists (and just other techies) have wanted what we would call a “bezel-less” monitor and/or TV. Well as of right now four companies have near “bezel-less” TVs: LG, Barco, NEC, and Samsung. LG first released theirs in Russia. Now all of these may be nice and dandy but I was wanting a nice actual bezel-less monitor not a “near” bezel-less.

Whats nice about knowing people is that you get to know other people who know those people. So basically my friend Skylar is good friends with a guy who makes some very nice devices for testing. In the past we have got together and discussed projects and what can be improved. Well Joel the inventor in light has just come up with a compromise. He has made a cross between near bezel-less and actual bezel-less.

What Joel did was make the top and bottoms the near bezel-less. Using a glass over lay (similar to Apple’s Macbooks and iMacs) he was able to make the sides completely bezel-less. Now lets say if we were put them side by side (lets do a 3 in a row). They would blend seamlessly! no bezel at all! perfect for extending screens. I would love that for gaming! Nice big wide screen! The draw back is you would not be able to stack and have a seamless look.

Ok so here is Barco’s slim bezel tv:

Barco near bezel-less tv

This image will link to the specs page of the TV

As you can see the seams are very thin put together. This is how Joel’s screens would look like when stack top and bottom, but you would not have the seam that runs vertical. The sides would be as if it was one screen.

Good news: I put in a pre-order for testing these (pre-order was limited and not available anymore). I ordered three each at $148 a peace. Not bad considering they are:

  • bezel-less
  • 1080p HD
  • 26″
  • 2 HDMI ports
  • 2 DVI ports
  • 2 HD VGA ports

but I was just sent an email saying that my pre-order was rejected and my money was refunded. I checked my account and sure enough! Every penny was back. I wondered why though? Joel had said he would reserve a spot for a few people (me being one of them) and I would just have to pay but I wouldn’t have to worry about my spot being taken (there was only 15 spots and each person only being able to order two at most, as I later found out). Well later in the day I get a txt saying that I got an email from Joel. So I jumped online and got a wonderful surprise. My pre-order had been rejected because I had contributed to the project and device. I was to receive my 3 monitors for free so that I would freely test them!

So now I wait. They have to be made to order seeing as how they are not in active production. I hope to receive them before I leave for AIT. I will be doing a review and test video on this product. I have a switcher that will split a display up so I will also be testing the game play on it from my 360. Modern Warfare 2! And will be testing on a computer as well.

This is Reevine (Jeffy) thanks for reading another Wad of Paper in my growing Trash Can.


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