Techno Dance Party

Last night I went to go hang out with my cool friend Matthew. He currently goes to a charter school and told me about them having a Techno Dance Party at 8 that night. So we went and at first no one was really there. Then more and more people started trickling in. About 8:30 we had a good decent group of people. I want to give thanks to the guy with the iPod and a huge collection of Techno. We never played a song twice the whole entire time (except the best song which was played again as everyone was leaving).

Now I will admit this was really good! And I even went to my first rave after my military training. The Rave was intense, but even thought this was smaller scale it some how match up with the Rave I went to a few weekends ago. Though these high school kids really know how to techno dance.

Furry Techo

This is Jeff signing off with another Wad of Trash hitting the Trash Can

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