HP Takes The First Step

Well HP is now producing their newest line of HP printers which feature a huge improvement: Plug n’ Play. That means no CDs with drivers, no more trying to find drivers online, and complete integration into computer systems.  HP being the first to introduce Plug n’ Play printers I must ask this question: why not before!??!?! Every other device has been Plug n’ Play for years! Why were printers never converted over sooner? Well at least someone took the “taboo” step towards to painless office and home set up. This will make WiFi printer more versatile also. I don’t like HP but at least they are trying. Though I think that this was all caused by some poor low-level IT who made a simple suggestion. How much you want to bet someone was like “No, no, no. That’s a stupid idea.” Then that same guy makes it “his” idea. Well thank goodness for another leap in simplifying technology and making it useful.


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