Ogio Metro Backpack

Hey everyone I just got my Ogio Metro Backpack two days ago. I needed a bag badly for School since my other backpack finally tore and its life was forfeit. So I researched backpacks for one that would be of the best possible quality. I knew I would have to pay some more for a better bag but this didn’t really matter since the knowledge of a higher price was already considered in my budget. Ogio after three weeks of searching and some intense research (including even using my friend’s Ogio Metro bag for a day) came on top as the best bag for the best price. I made a review and put it up on YouTube. The videos are posted below. Please comment on the videos or this post and give some feedback on the review. I want to know what you guys think about it. This info will help me improve my videos and how in-depth my reviews on products are. Enjoy!

This is Reevine (aka Jeff) signing out with my latest Wad of Trash hitting the Trash Can


2 comments on “Ogio Metro Backpack

  1. Jen says:

    Jeff! I was super excited about getting my new backpack for school today. Ha ha. I just had to tell you that I understand how you felt ha ha.



  2. rjarauta says:

    Hi Jeff and Jen:

    The best place to buy OGIO backpacks is http://www.buymiami.us. Best prices in the market.

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