Much Success On Website Production

Well I finally conquered a major issue I was having with my site. I needed an automated process for taking my articles on my website to RSS as soon as they are posted. I used PHP and databases to form a pre-structure used for the XML file. using PHP to take information from a dedicated area (i.e. the container for the article) and form into a temp RSS structure and add it as a new entry in the RSS. The reason I have spent so much time building and researching this is because I am not using a pre-made site structure (like WordPress for example). Many people say this is not a good idea seeming as how I only use the site to post articles on updates on news and tutorials. But I’m doing it my way so that I learn more of Web Design and Development on the way. I will eventually switch over to WordPress (like this blog) when I extensively learn WordPress. Until then this is all being done from scratch as I mentioned above for learning.

Thanks everyone for reading this is Reevine signing off with a piece of Trash in my growing Trash Can.


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