Android Developer frustrations

Android has been a huge hit for phones and the platform launched with out a hitch really. The purpose of Android was what? To take down Apple and their godly iPhone. This was to be accomplished through Open Source! but many developers complain about having troubles with porting their apps from phone to phone and how employees of the “Open Handset Alliance (OHA) are micro managing the code base.”  Many are now seeing that this project has been split into tiny subsections. Who is to blame? Some say Google who controls the OHA, while others say it is the companies who are making the phones who implement proprietary  features.

People are now saying Android as a fraud and not open source at all, but if you look at what these people are meaning when they say open source they are really talking about the type of license. When the mass says open source you think of what for examples? Linux! Ubuntu, Red Hat, and others that are similar are perfect examples of what people think of when they say “open source”. As one article puts it:

“Open source does not mean complete compatibility. Under a BSD-like license such as the Apache license preferred by Google, it doesn’t mean all code must be contributed back, or that those who use a project’s code can’t add proprietary extensions.”

So to really say Android was a fluke try at open source is not quite true. There is still plenty of time for adjustments and Google has had to take all this in a short amount of time. Over the next couple of months we will wait and see what happens.


One comment on “Android Developer frustrations

  1. mom says:

    hey what do you think about the droids now they have threee different kind was wondering cause i have achance to upgrade soon so looking at all the phones i know i just dont want a samsung cuase the reception is terrible compared to the lg i had before that by the way dropped in irrigation water 4 times before it quit

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