OS X Update (10.6.8)

Kon’nichiwa (“hello” in Japanese),

Recently Apple has sent out an update for their new OS: OS X Lion (10.7). This update is in preparation for their first try at releasing an OS online via their recent Mac App Store.

When Apple updated from 10.6.6 to 10.6.7 there were font issues and a slight battery decrease. With the update from 10.6.7 to 10.6.8 (the most recent one in preparation for the OS X Lion) a major battery decrease is introduced. I just recently bought my MacBook Pro 13″. Now by default it came with 10.6.7 and as of right now I can’t find a way to downgrade. If I could downgrade I would revert back to 10.6.6 (battery life around 9-10 hours off of a single charge) and patch the security issues myself. With the new update I went from 6-7 hours of battery life to 2 1/2 max.

Yesterday I have ran across a way to fix it. Yes you will need to reset your SMC (System Management Controller). However, before you do this the only way (for whatever reason) to get the SMC reset to work is to take care of the dock issue. Oh yah by the way that’s that other main issue. If you open up Activity Monitor and look for Dock in the processes you will see it is taking up 100% of your CPU. Now this isn’t entirely correct (look below at the CPU core graphs); it should only be taking up 100% of a single core of your CPU (well it actually shouldn’t be doing that at all which is why we are going to fix it).

– Go to your Home folder (whatever your user name is most likely) and locate these to files via the following folder paths:

– Delete the above stated files.
– Log out and Log back in.

If you look at your Activity Monitor and check your processes you will see that the dock will no longer be taking up 100% of a CPU core. You will probably also notice that your dock has reverted back to it’s original settings. Wait to set your Dock back up again until after the SMC reset.

– Now we must reset your SMC. To do this, plug in your MagSafe adapter to your MacBook. Write down the following keyboard key combo (if you tend to forget):
Shift+Control+Option+[Power Button]

– Shut down your MacBook.
– Hold down the above Keyboard shortcut simultaneously and release simultaneously.
– You should notice when you release the keys your adapter light will change from orange to green (if it’s charging).
– When it turns orange again turn on your MacBook again
– Unplug your adapter and check your battery life estimation

You should notice that your battery life has increased to its normal levels again. Now given this isn’t a guarantee but it will more than likely work. There have also been reports that only the user account that was logged in at the time of the update are affected. I did not test this theory because the above method worked. Please feel free to give feedback on your results.

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