Why Japanese?

I have always been interested in Japanese Culture which I think goes hand-in-hand with interest in the language. Of course my interest originally started with being introduced to Anime via a friend. However I love traveling and absolutely adore Japan’s geographic attractions. Very zen-like and yet busy at the same time (how intriguing).

Japan mountain

Scenic Japan

I have tried a couple of times and failed at learning Japanese. Mainly due to not making the time and general laziness kicking in. I am determined to learn this time. After taking Spanish for three years and not enjoying the language I discovered that in order to become fluent you must have an actual interest in the subject of study.

I have used Rosetta Stone to initially start learning but i found that it didn’t properly introduce the language. I did not like it. So actually as of today I was researching into finding another learning source and discovered Tofugu.com via Youtube! After reading several posts I was fascinated and was ultimately directed here for a highly recommended source for self-learning. So essentially I want to thank Koichi for his wonderful site and collection of resources that have been made available.


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